Our hand wipes aren't just effective, they're also enjoyable. Our antimicrobial hand wipes are made in an FDA-regulated facility and kill 99.9% of common illness-causing germs for clean hands (and surfaces!) and a clear mind. They also boast softening ingredients like aloe vera, so you'll never feel parched (not stripped, sticky or scratched), and pure essential oils with refreshing scents like sweet orange-bergamot and peppermint-eucalyptus, making sanitizing a joy, not a chore.

Our cats and dogs aren’t just furry, four-legged friends — they’re family. And when you’re keeping your family members clean and hygienic, you only want to use the best. Our soft, all-natural grooming wipes are antimicrobial, alcohol free, and easy to use. The spill-proof packaging makes it simple to pack them in your bag for quick cleanups after visits to the park, vet, or anywhere in between so your pets can always have clean paws, giving you a clear mind.

Clean hands, clear mind

A carefully-designed hand sanitizer dispenser that looks sophisticated wherever it’s placed. This sleek hands-free floor unit is simple to use and made to last for a confident, clean feeling.