Peppermint Eucalyptus + Aloe; Lemongrass + Aloe; Unscented + Aloe

Refreshes and sanitizes skin
with no sticky feel.

This antiseptic hand sanitizer was developed to help reduce bacteria while leaving hands feeling soft, never stripped or sticky. 70% plant-based ethyl alcohol sanitizes, while aloe vera and glycerin softens and lemongrass essential oil provides a zesty, refreshing scent that many believe to be calming.

ALO Sanitizing Hand Mist Bottles
ALO Hand Sanitizing Wipe Packages

Peppermint Eucalyptus + Aloe; Sweet Orange Bergamot + Aloe

Just one wipe helps kill 99.9% of
bacteria and boosts your peace of mind.

Our hand wipes aren't just effective, they're also enjoyable. Our antimicrobial hand wipes are made in an FDA-regulated facility and kill 99.9% of common illness-causing germs for clean hands (and surfaces!) and a clear mind. They also boast softening ingredients like aloe vera, so you'll never feel parched (not stripped, sticky or scratched), and pure essential oils with refreshing scents like sweet orange-bergamot and peppermint-eucalyptus, making sanitizing a joy, not a chore.

Clean hands, clear mind

A carefully-designed hand sanitizer dispenser that looks sophisticated wherever it’s placed. This sleek hands-free floor unit is simple to use and made to last for a confident, clean feeling.


Lemongrass + Aloe

Good hygiene doesn’t rest,
so keep your refill on hand

An antiseptic hand sanitizer that works to reduce bacteria with 70% plant-based ethyl alcohol (higher than the CDC-recommended standard of 60%) while keeping your hands soft, not sticky with glycerine and aloe vera.